Tango Musicality Part I

We just came back from Tango im Schnee 2012,

(we had a great time there!!) where we had the chance to join a musicality class with Joaquín Amenabar. One of the things that he said was that back in the 40', more precisely 1942, there was a big division among the Orchestras:

- From one side there were those that were more rhythmical, easy for social dance, for big audiences... more commercial we could say: D'arienzo, Biaggi, Malerba, Canaro, Fresedo...

- And from the other side orchestras that were more melodious, virtuosic, much more difficult to dance... may be more artistic in a way we could say...: Troilo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, D'agostino, Gobbi...

Here there is a proposal:

Check in your local milongas, marathon, festivals, or any other kind of event which orchestras do the Dj's play the most. Do they play more often orchestras from the first group or from the second group? Check out the dancers, are they more comfortable with the first group of orchestras than we with the second group? How would you define their dance? Are they relax or nervous? Do they flow easily? Do they make more pauses? Can you tell if they are more or less aware of the music?

You can check yourself for more differences..

Enjoy dancing tango,
enjoy your own style,
dance tango libre.

Matias Facio