Tango Musicality Part II

Watching the dance floor at milongas I've found a reason that explain why sometimes navigation can be so chaotic…

What makes the floor to be a mess is not the style you are dancing, it has not so much to do with it, but it does has to do, in my opinion, with the way how people are listening at the music….


- Look at the dance floor, and check out how many dancers dance with pauses?

Are their dance partners relax and confident?

- What is your opinion about the dancers moving around these calm dancers? more confident?

- Look at the dancers in general, can you tell how many of them dance the 'rock step'? what do you see in these dancers? are they perhaps moving all the time?

do they dance with many pauses?

- If we do an experiment,

and decide that people have to dance each tango with at least 20 pauses, but still be musical, don't you think they might have to change something in the way how they are listening at the music?

don't you think they might change their way of dancing? would they be more creatives? more precise with the music? wouldn't they look different from outside?

Dancing with pauses improves the way we are listening at the music, we can surprise our dance partner, we can find details in the music we have never heard before, we bring our partner into calm so then we can challenge them more (for leaders), we create room to make embellishment as much as we want in every single pause we do.

We can decide our next step, with out just falling into it.

Navigation becomes suddenly easier for us and for others dancers around us as well, dance floor became more quite but at the same time more intense. We are not dancing on the surface but much deeper inside ourself and creating at the same time a stronger connection to our partner. The ability to create this calmness that both participants in the couple have, can bring calm to their dance partner. Practice dancing with pauses, it will bring you for sure much more joy.

Enjoy dancing tango,
enjoy your own style,
dance tango libre.

Matias Facio