Dancing at the Milongas.

This question is a very important...

Few days ago, i had a student who made me one interesting questions about dancing at milongas:

- 'i feel i can dance very good when i have more room to move but i can't dance well when milongas are very crowded, what could i do? it is so frustrating...'

I knew that feeling, everyone in tango had that feeling for sure at least once (and even more for sure!). My answer was something like this:

'Accept that you are at point in your learning process where you don't feel comfortable at dancing in small spaces yet, but you know you are improving.

If it is difficult and so frustrating for you to dance in small spaces, well, just wait until some people leave and then dance.

If you still feel there is too many people in the dance floor, then wait a bit longer, meanwhile you can have some drink or a nice talk with other milongueros. It is very important to get to know how you are when it comes to Tango. With the time you may find that you don't like dancing in very small spaces, and also that you don't like this and this other orchestra and that you prefer milongas with cortinas, and perhaps that you find that slow valses are better for you, or may be the opposite, that you prefer very quick valses, or, that you might prefer slower milongas, or to seat when they start playing them, or may be you will recognize that you prefer to dance Di Sarli with one girl but with this other one you just like to dance slow valses but fast Biaggi's tangos, or that sometimes you prefer to take long steps, and sometimes short steps... you don't have to be good at everything! ...

You can't ignore what is good or bad for you, or what you like or dislike ...'

The pressure to be good at everything in tango could be so much that sometimes we forget what we have, what we like, what are we good at and... most important that it is all about having fun and enjoy DANCING...

Enjoy dancing tango,
enjoy your own style,
dance tango libre.

Matias Facio