El Tango en Berlin

Some people say that Berlin is the biggest tango community after Buenos Aires...

I can't say that, i haven't seen yet the tango scene in New York or in San Francisco, but for sure there are big tango communities in Rome, Turin, Moscow, Paris, Rosario...

In Berlin, you can go to dance every single night. Sometimes you have a couple of Milongas to go on the same night, diferent kinds of atmospheres, bad and good dancers, good and bad Tj's (Tango Dj's), good and bad dance floors...

Tango in Berlin is pretty much alive, classes are doing quite well, milongas as well, Tj's are getting better and better, dancers are getting better too. In sommer you'll find open air milongas with free entrance twice a week (Monday and Wednesday), also there is something called Hit & Run where people organize through facebook the next place to dance which for sure is going to be a public place where is not allowed to dance.

Our Tango School is open from Monday to Friday and offers you the possibility to increase your tango skills. Milonga and Vals Seminars, Women Technique on Monday, Tango in Open Embrace on Wednesday, Tango in Close Embrace on Thursday, Tango Happy Hour and Praktika Atípica on Friday, and, from three days of Tango for Beginners.

Berlin and our school have a lot to offer to your Tango,

Join us this summer,

Enjoy dancing tango,
enjoy your own style,
dance tango libre.

Matias Facio