Zapatos de tango

When it comes to Tango shoes...

You have different kind of tango shoes, but the best ones would be always those that make you feel good, and that at the same time doesn't hurt your feet...

This article is directed to males tango shoes... i can't tell about women tango shoes... sorry ;-)

I prefer them wide in the point, specially without this line that cross the toes all from one side to the other side of our foot, it is called 'puntera' and the reason while i think this is not comfortable for me is because usually it is a bit tight and i feel my toes can't move at all.

I like the heels to be a bit higher than the regular shoes. At the beginning you will find the position of your body a bit rare but once you get used to it, you will love the feeling. You can have sometimes your heels all in rubber (instead of wood), which help to absorb the impact of your changes of weight, making them softer for your lower back. But i still like wood heels... i guess i'm just used to them...

Some shoemakers offer tango shoes with a soft arch. I think they are good for some feet, but if you have flat feet it would be better to have an arch, a good one, otherwise you can hurt your body a lot. Best would be that you go to a doctor that know about it and ask him for his recommendations according to the kind of feet you have.

Since i'm living in Europe and traveling a lot, everytime i buy tango shoes i want the leather to be really good, strong, not soft for the simple reason that they don't last so long and after some months they loose their original form been a bit unhealthy for your feet. Good and strong tango shoes, they will softening with the time adapting perfectly to your feet.

Colors and style of tango shoes are according to your personal taste, but i think it is good to have some good black ones because they are always right with any kind of clothes in any situation. If you like shoes in other colors like white or cream or red, make sure you have made your footwork training because this kind of color shows a lot your feet and i guess you want them to look really good, otherwise why to wear them?

Rubber, leather or wood sole... there are shoemakers that sell tango shoes with interchangeable sole so you can put the one you prefer according to the floor. I haven't try them yet but i heard from some friends that they are good. I would recommend you shoes that allow you to pivot nicely and at the same time you can react quickly for more rhythmical movements.

wish you nice and comfortable dances,

dance tango libre.

Matias Facio